First Timer's Guide

Welcome to CAMT! We hope that while you are here, you discover ways to become a better educator and you find the support you need from our community. 

How to be prepared when you come to the conference: 

  • Dress appropriately, but comfortably (this is a meeting of professionals)
  • Wear comfortable shoes – the convention center is huge
  • Bring a jacket (convention centers are notoriously cold and no, we can’t adjust the temperature)
  • Bring something to write on to take notes
  • Bring a graphing calculator if you plan on taking sessions that use calculators
  • Food and drink are expensive at convention centers (bring snacks/food/drink with you if you cannot afford to purchase food)


How to pick classes:

  • Attend the Opening Session on Monday at 8:00 a.m.
  • Attend the First Timer's Reception Monday, July 21, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Belt buckle on the 1st floor of the Convention Center
  • Look for sessions in your grade level or follow a theme by checking the icons posted on sessions
  • Pick several choices for each time slot in case your first or second choices are full
  • Go to a General Interest session or a Featured session for your grade level – these are scheduled in very large rooms with exceptional speakers
  • Attend MATH-A-RAMA (elementary focus) or STEPS (secondary focus) located in Longhorn Exhibit Hall C
  • Attend the exhibits
  • if you are with a group, split up, agreeing to attend different sessions – then share your information 


Continuing Professional Development (CPE)

If you are interested in procuring CPE credits, keep a record of the sessions you attend on the form provided in the program book. You will not need to have the form signed or stamped. Simply take the form with you when you leave the conference. It is your proof of attendance. CAMT does not keep a record of your CPE form.


Crowded Sessions

There is always the chance that the sessions you choose to attend are the very ones that seem to appeal to a majority of other attendees. If you cannot get in to the session you want, go to a General Interest session, or MATH-A-RAMA if you are elementary, STEPS if you are secondary, visit the exhibits, or introduce yourself to another educator and use the time to exchange ideas. Please remember that the rooms are to be cleared after each session.



The exhibits provide you with the opportunity to see new materials that are available. A map with a list of exhibitors is provided at the entrance to the exhibit hall. Don’t forget to go by the TCTM booth to learn how being an active member of TCTM can enrich your professional life.

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