Continuing Professional Education Credit

The State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) has approved CAMT as a provider of Continuing Professional Education Credit (CPE).  Credit will be available for all conference sessions for the exact number of minutes of the sessions (if a session is 60 minutes, you will receive 60 minutes of credit). Although attending exhibits is a valuable component of the CAMT experience, no CPE credit is awarded for this activity.  If you are interested in receiving CPE credit:

  1. Use the CPE credit form provided in the program book.  This form provides certification of attendance and credit.  In accordance with state requirements, separate certificates will not be issued.
  2. Complete the questions on the form.  Forms will not be checked/stamped by CAMT staff.
  3. Take the form with you as you leave the conference.

Separate certificates are not given.  The completed CPE form is your proof of attendance.

CAMT does not keep records of your CPE forms.

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