CAMT Guide

Clear The Room Policy

To provide equal opportunity to sessions for each attendee, it is the policy of the CAMT Board that rooms are to be cleared of all participants at the end of each session.  The Board respectfully requests voluntary compliance with this policy. 

We have made every attempt to provide adequate seating for participants at the conference, but for your safety and due to fire regulations, only those with seats will be allowed in meeting rooms.  To comply with fire codes, it will be necessary to ask any person sitting on the floor or standing to leave the room.

Please remember:

  • All meeting rooms will be cleared between presentations.
  • All seats are available on a first-come, first –served basis.
  • Reserving spaces in line or saving seats is not permitted.
  • Persons with disabilities and their assistants do not have to clear the session room as other do.

Special Access and Handicap Provisions

The George R. Brown Convention Center and the conference hotels warrants that they make a good faith effort to comply with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 and related amendments.

Persons with disabilities that require assistance may have an assistant accompany them (without paying a registration fee for the assistant).  The assistant must check in with the registration desk to receive approval and obtain a name tag.

Persons with disabilities do not have to clear the session room as others do.

For Your Child’s Safety

Because of the size and nature of CAMT, this conference is not an appropriate setting for children.  Your hotel concierge will be able to provide recommendations for childcare services while you are attending the conference.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Children (including nursing babies) will not be allowed in sessions or the exhibit hall.

Clean Air Policy

CAMT maintains a smoke-free environment in all sessions and events (including receptions, exhibits, etc.)

Cell Phone Use

As a courtesy to the speaker and your colleagues, please silence cell phones and pagers during all sessions.

Lost and Found

Items for lost and found may be turned in or retrieved at the CAMT Registration booth on the 3rd level of the George R. Brown Convention Center.  At the end of the conference, all lost and found items brought to the Registration Desk will be taken to the CAMT Office in Austin, TX.

First Aid

A manned First Aid Station is located across from room 342A (behind General Assembly C) on the 3rd floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center. The First Aid Station will be open from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Program Supplement

Be sure to pick up a program supplement in the CAMT registration area.  Please consult the supplement for changes and additions that occurred after the program book was printed. Program Supplaments, course updates, and other information will be available online at and  

Name Tags

Your name tag serves as your ticket to all conference sessions.  Lost name tags will cost $5 to be replaced.

Replacement Name Tags

Participants can obtain a replacement name tag for lost of forgotten name tags at the registration desk.  The fee for replacing a name tag is $5.00.  Materials that were mailed to a school address and were unable to be picked up require a $5.00 fee to be replaced.


CAMT registration is $250.
Administrators’ Conference is $350.
Replacement name tag is $5.

By registering for CAMT 2015, participants grant CAMT the right to use, in promotional materials, their likeness or voice as recorded on, or transferred to, videotape, film, slides, audiotapes, or other media.

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